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America Votes 2004: Presidential Primary Preview     View
Follow the path of the 2004 presidential primary race with this site's information on the current candidates; their positions on topics such as civil rights, healthcare, international policy, and the environment; and their battle for campaign contrib ...

Presidency 2004     View
Profiles of presidential candidates for the 2004 election, as well as individuals who only thought about running and those who withdrew. Offers brief political biographies, analysis, and links to candidate and party Web sites for Republicans, Democra ...

Election 2004: Times on the Trail     View
"Complete coverage of the campaign, reported and edited by the political staff of The Times." Features an interactive graphic of the election results, readers' opinions, and analysis. Registration (free) required to access some articles.

U. S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: The 2004 Presidential Election     View
Special report "to mark the start of the 2004 presidential election season" provides facts and statistics relating to trends in voter registration and voter turnout based on the November 2000 election. Features information on turnout based ...

Election 2004 Results     View
"Using County-by-County election return data ... we produced the following graphic [map] depicting the results. Of course, blue is for the democrats, red is for the republicans, and green is for all other. Each county's color is a mix of these t ... 2004 Presidential Election     View
Provides data on campaign contributions to candidates in the 2004 election. Profiles of candidates show total receipts, total spending, debts, sources of funding (such as individual contributions and self-financing), political action committee (PAC) ...

Vote USA 2004     View
In-depth reporting on the U.S. presidential campaigns, candidates, and election from a British perspective. Includes news, analysis, features, polls, a quiz, calendar, multimedia features, background on how the election works, links to key resources, ...

Special Report: US Elections 2004     View
News and commentary on the 2004 U.S. presidential elections from a British perspective. Includes candidate profiles, audio clips, an interactive state-by-state guide to the elections, a quiz, and links to related sites. From the Guardian Unlimited, t ...

U.S. Election 2004     View
Reporting on the 2004 U.S. presidential campaigns and election from a Canadian perspective. Includes quick facts, a calendar, information on the major candidates, and archived and current articles. From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidates     View
This "series of Morning Edition Interviews with White House Hopefuls" offers audio recordings, transcripts, links to candidate Web sites, and an analysis of buzzwords used by the candidates. From National Public Radio.



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