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e-Qaeda: A Special Report on How Jihadists Use the Internet and Technology to Spread Their Message     View
A report detailing how al Qaeda became "the first guerrilla movement in history to migrate from physical space to cyberspace" with its use of the Web as a weapon, the creation of Islamic extremist websites by a Briton, and the use of the In ...

Al Qaeda Training Manual     View
This site, from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), presents excerpts from the "Al Qaeda Training Manual." Material is selective, as the DOJ "does not want to aid in educating terrorists or encourage further acts of terrorism."

All Eyes Turn To Internet In Libya, Bahrain     View
Article from the International Business Times examining the possibility of government-ordered Internet shutdowns occurring amidst anti-government protests and political unrest in Libya and Bahrain.

Afghanistan and the US: Selected Internet Resources     View
A collection of briefly annotated links. Topics include general information, rebuilding Afghanistan, political parties and groups, government statements, voices of peace, research and analysis, effects of the U.S. war, human rights, al-Qaida and Osam ...

Q&A: Chechen Conflict     View
Discusses key events in the conflict involving the southern Russian Republic of Chechnya, prospects for peace, Russian government policy, and the possible link between Chechen rebels and al-Qaida. Includes links to related news stories, including the ...

Bin Laden Video Threatens America     View
News article about Arabic television station al-Jazeera's October 2004 airing of "a videotape in which Osama Bin Laden threatens fresh attacks on the US." Includes a transcript of those excerpts broadcast by al-Jazeera, a news video, and li ...

Madrid Train Attacks     View
News and analysis about the 10 bombs that exploded on four trains in three stations in Madrid during rush hour on March 11, 2004. Features a timeline, map, eyewitness accounts, and a video. Also provides links to related stories, including informatio ...

Profile: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi     View
Background about this Jordanian-born terrorist who was killed on "June 7, 2006, [when] U.S. forces in Iraq launched an air strike on a safe house some fifty-five miles north of Baghdad, where Zarqawi was hiding. From the Council on Foreign Relat ...

Zarqawi's Journey: From Dropout to Prisoner to Insurgent Leader     View
July 2004 profile of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was considered by U.S. officials to be "the biggest terrorist threat in Iraq." Reviews his youth in Jordan, how he became a reporter for a small jihadist magazine, his imprisonment in the 1990s ...

Special Coverage: War on Terrorism     View
Extensive terrorism resources from FindLaw. The news section brings together the latest headlines on terrorism; also find commentary, legal cases, documents (including the report of the 9-11 Commission and related testimony), and discussion boards. I ...



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