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Macrocosm USA Home Page     View
A non-profit clearinghouse for progressives, featuring a database directory of 7,000 organizations and projects involved in progressive approaches to environmental issues, health issues, peace and justice.     View
This site offers "resources to librarians who want to be active in political and social issues surrounding libraries and librarianship" and aims to help publicize "the efforts of librarians and their friends in raising public awareness ...

Voices of Youth     View
This site offers "all children and adolescents, including the hard-to-reach, a safe and supportive global cyberspace within which they can explore, discuss and partner on issues related to human rights and social change." Includes guides an ...

World Trade Center Environmental Organization     View
An examination of the environmental and health risks associated with the World Trade Center collapse on September 11, 2001. It contains links to satellite photos of the plume, scientific reports, newspaper articles, and other related organizations.

How Long Can You Go Without Food? Hunger Strikes 101     View
This article describes the health aspects of participating in a hunger strike. "Fasting becomes dangerous after just three to five days, at which point the body begins breaking down fat in order to produce energy" and ketoacidosis might beg ...

Hunger Strike History     View
"Hunger strikes have been used to change policy and social wrongs for hundreds of years. In early Ireland, where the tradition originated, hunger strikes were actually encoded in civic law." This site provides a brief overview of "some ...

Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor     View
"Workplace is a refereed, open access journal published by a collective of scholars in critical higher education promoting a new dignity in academic work." The focus of the journal is on activism in the higher education workplace.     View
The primary goal of FEMINIST.COM "is to help make networking for women -- both off and online -- easy to do." FEMINIST.COM wishes to "become a place where women can meet, exchange ideas, get information, build a business, become active, participate ...

The Salt March     View
This site was established to commemorate the 75th anniversary (in 2005) of the 1930 Salt March in which Mohandas K. Gandhi and marchers walked 241 miles in 24 days to a place to make salt to protest against the British salt tax in Colonial India. Fea ...

Famous Trials: The Chicago Seven     View
Background about "the 1969-70 trial of seven radicals accused of conspiring to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago." Includes an essay about the protests at the 1968 convention and the trial, and links to mat ...



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