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Cocktail Times     View
This site "helps you become a great home bartender with everything you need to know about cocktails and distilled spirits, from the classic concoctions to the new inventions, nicely indexed by the type of spirit."?? Features dozens of drink ...

Fancyapint?     View
This site "aims to give you an honest insight and impartial guide to having a drink in the UK," with a focus on pubs in London. Features reviews of pubs, and a guide to drinking and pub etiquette in Britain. Search for pubs by city or neigh ...

Wine Business     View
This "Home Page for the Wine Industry" features up-to-date winery business news stories and media coverage, wine/vineyard events and program listings, industry classifieds, the Wine Business Insider blog, links to other wine-related blogs, and inform ...

We Don't Serve Teens     View
This federal government website "provides parents and others with tools and information to reduce teen drinking and related harm." It covers state laws, dangers of underage drinking, steps to reduce teens' access to alcohol, alcohol adverti ...

FTC Reports on Alcohol Marketing and Self-Regulation     View
Summary and text of a June 2008 report "on alcohol marketing and youth [that] examines industry efforts to reduce the likelihood that alcohol advertising will target those under the legal drinking age of 21. It also announces a new system for mo ...

Policy Issues: Moonshine     View
Policy publication about "moonshine" (or "non-commercial alcohol"), "beverages [that] are generally not taxed or regulated, and their sale and purchase cannot be easily monitored or quantified." Provides a fact sheet and ...

Temperance & Prohibition     View
Collection of essays, images, and other material on the history of prohibition in the U.S., "a measure designed to reduce drinking by eliminating the businesses that manufactured, distributed, and sold alcoholic beverages." Covers the U.S. ...

Absinthe: What's Your Poison?     View
This 1999 editorial looks at the health effects of absinthe, a "clear, green liqueur of 74% alcohol. The plant products in absinthe varied among manufacturers, the only universal components being alcohol and wormwood essence." Discusses ...

Antique Soda and Beer Bottles     View
"The purpose of this site is to provide useful information for collectors, researchers, and novices on pre-crown soda and beer bottles." The site covers the history and the colors, shapes, closures, and other characteristics of the bottles. ...

Hops in the Backyard: From Planting to Harvest and the Hazards in Between     View
Basic information about growing hops, a plant that is used in the beer brewing process. Discusses site requirements, planting, care, diseases and pests, and harvest. From Brewing Techniques, a magazine for craft beer brewing that was published from 1 ...




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