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Don Markstein's Toonopedia: A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge     View
This browsable encyclopedia of "toons" includes listings for hundreds of cartoons (animated and print media) and cartoon characters. Each entry includes the original medium (theater animation for Mickey Mouse), the publisher or distributor, ...

Independent Spirits: The Faith and John Hubley Story     View
"Looks at the creative partnership and careers" of Academy Award-winning animators Faith and John Hubley, whose films "re-defined animation, breaking from traditional styles, confronting important social issues and using innovative gra ...     View
He-Man forum with information on both old and new He-Man toys, cartoons and other merchandise. Also includes comic and movie information as well as a He-Man ???Did You Know???? feature.

The Simpsons Archive     View
A "repository of continuously updated information on the Fox animated television series, The Simpsons ." Includes detailed episode summaries, scheduling info, FAQ and trivia, spoilers, character guides, articles, interviews, bibliographies, ...

Dragon Tales     View
Companion site to the animated television series designed as "a school-readiness project created especially for preschoolers." Features games, stories, coloring pages, songs, and other activities that are presented by animated dragons. Incl ...

Parent's Guide to Anime     View
Provides a description of the Japanese animation and comic book styles known as anime and manga, along with capsule reviews of many television shows and movies, including Sailor Moon , Pokemon , and Akira . Each title is rated G (for all audiences), ...

80's Cartoon Central     View
Has basic information about nearly every televised cartoon program from the 1980s, with links to external sites about the show where available. Browse alphabetically.

The Simpsons Archive     View
"The Simpsons Archive is the Internet's clearinghouse of Simpsons guides, news and information, voluntarily maintained by members of"     View
Read (and click) along with animated stories and play computer games on this kid-friendly site.

Zimmer Twins     View
Edgar and Eva Zimmer were ordinary 12-year-olds until they adopted a cat named 13 and developed psychic powers. You can take the story from there by creating and sharing your own movies featuring the Zimmer twins, and watching others' creations!




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