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Journal of World Anthropology     View
"The Journal of World Anthropology (JWA) is a scholarly journal. Our goal is to be the general, broad-based anthropology journal of the internet. JWA covers all aspects of anthropology (physical, social, cultural, linguistic, applied anthropology, ar ...

Society for Applied Anthropology     View
"The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) was founded in 1941 to promote the investigation of the principles of human behavior and the application of these principles to contemporary issues and problems. Since that time membership has expanded to ...

Omertaa: Journal for Applied Anthropology     View
Published by Expeditions, Research in Applied Anthropology, a research firm, this "international peer reviewed journal, with an academic board, publishing on issues which belong to the broader field of Applied Anthropology and related issues."

Anthropology at Berkeley: A Century of Pathbreaking Scholarship, 1901-2001     View
An exhibit of images of over 100 scholarly publications in which UC Berkeley Anthropology Department faculty "have contributed meaningful, often counter-intuitive, insights to our understanding of contemporary issues of local and global scope. ...

Kinship and Social Organization: An Interactive Tutorial     View
A tutorial describing the "most basic principle of organizing individuals into social groups, roles, and categories." Covers descent systems (rules used to determine parenthood and identify ancestry), terminology, marriage systems, and resi ...

Anthropoetics: The Journal of Generative Anthropology     View
"In contrast to fashionable methodologies that dissolve the human in the fractal complexity of cultural differences, generative anthropology (GA) attempts to understand cultural phenomena in the simplest terms possible: all things human are traced ba ...

Anthropology Collection Database     View
A collection of thousands of objects, presenting digital images of "the indigenous cultures of western North America (exclusive of Mexico) and the Pacific Rim, including all Pacific islands and East Asia." Features tools, jewelry, toys, wat ...

Music & Anthropology     View
Music and Anthropology is an online, multimedia, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal focused primarily on the Mediterranean region. Issues from 1996-2006 are available; some content is in Italian.

Tzintzuntzan, Mexico: Photographs by George Foster     View
A collection of nearly 40 photographs of Tzintzuntzan, a town on Lake Pátzcuaro, in Michoacán, Mexico, taken by UC Berkeley anthropology professor George Foster from 1945 through 1999. Includes commentary by Foster and a brief biography of ...

American Folklife Center     View
The center's purpose is "to encompass all aspects of folklore and folklife from this country and around the world." Includes images, sounds (recordings and music), and written accounts. Also provides information about the center's programs, ...




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