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Army Museum     View
"Discover Army Museum ??? one of Sweden???s best history museums. Our permanent exhibition depicts Swedish history from Viking times onwards. Here you will get an authentic picture of war as experienced by the soldiers and their families."

U.S. Army Center of Military History     View
This site is an essential starting point for research in American military history. It offers a number of online reference texts and documents, online finding aids for US Army archives, FAQs, links to other relevant sites, and a how-to page for peop ...

U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)     View
Overview and history of U.S. Army Special Operations units, such as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), Psychological Operations (PSYOP), Rangers (special light infantry operations), and others "operations conducted by special ...

The United States Army     View
This official Web site of the U.S. Army has thousands of searchable and browsable links to all components of Army service and information, including current news, leadership, headquarters, installations, education and careers (including the National ...

African American History and the Civil War     View
Contains information about African-Americans in the Civil War as well as a summary of their service throughout American history.

I Want You ... Badly: A Complete Guide to Uncle Sam's Recruiting Incentives     View
This November 2007 feature provides a chart of U.S. Army recruiting and retention programs, such as enlistment and deferred enlistment bonuses, money for college, student-loan repayment, and retention bonuses. Includes target audiences and descriptio ...

The Roman Army: A Bibliography     View
A lengthy bibliography of materials covering the Roman army, compiled by a professional scholar. An excellent starting point for research.

Counterinsurgency     View
This U.S. Army field manual outlines best practices for the U.S. military in fighting unconventional wars involving insurgent uprisings and opposition groups unaffiliated with recognized national governments. The manual was revised in December 2006, ...

The United States Army Homepage     View
This official homepage of the United State Army contains news, videos, job and enlistment information, divided into different regions of the world, information about life in the army and military history, reference and FAQs.

Commodore John Barry -     View
Referred to as the "Father of the American Navy," learn more about his life at sea and his contributions to American History.



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