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Le Tumulte Noir: Paul Colin's Jazz Age Portfolio     View
Website companion to a 1997 exhibit of a 1929 "portfolio of vividly colored lithographs titled 'Le Tumulte Noir' ('The Black Craze') which captured the exuberant jazz music and dance that dazzled Paris" when Josephine Baker and her troupe, ...

V&A: Art Deco, 1910-1939     View
This site is a companion to an exhibit from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, "celebrating Art Deco, the most glamorous and popular style of the twentieth century." Features a virtual tour of the exhibit, 3-D images of Art Deco ob ...

The Art Deco Society of California     View
This organization "endeavors to increase public awareness of the Art Deco era, to preserve and promote its art, architecture, music, fashions, transportation, and other forms of its popular culture." The site features information about Art ...

Art Deco Architecture     View
This site chronicles the development of the twentieth century art deco movement in architecture. It provides history, architects, example buildings, societies, and related links.

South Bay Deco     View
This site celebrates Art Deco architecture with images and short essays on bus depots, motels, and buildings in Miami and Los Angeles. Also contains a short guide to streamline style. From an author and professor at San Jose State University.

Art Deco Web Sites     View
Features an overview of the art deco style and movement as well as the style as represented in architecture; art; books and magazines; entertainment; fashion; furniture and furnishings; industrial design; decades, beginning with the 1920s; regions, i ...

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles     View
Site for this organization that celebrates and helps preserve Art Deco buildings in Los Angeles. The site features images of Art Deco buildings; a list of Art Deco hotels, restaurants, and shopping opportunities; and society newsletters back to 1999.


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