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War Poster Collection     View
A collection of nearly 100 posters from World War I and II. Searchable, and browsable by topic (American, British, Dutch and German, national security, Red Cross, war bonds, women in war, World War I, World War II). From the University of Washington ...

"As a Young Marine in Combat ... We Saw a Lot of Things that a Human Body Shouldn't See"     View
Features the World War II exploits of Howard Schnauber and the text of his patriotic poem, "My Name is Old Glory" (incorrectly titled "I am the Flag" in some messages making the rounds of the Internet). From the Fort Collins Publi ...

Last Expression: Art From Auschwitz     View
An exploration of the art created by the prisoners at the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. It includes a lengthy introduction about how the art was created, biographies of the artists, interviews with survivors, and lectures on the art to emerge fr ...

Selling Democracy: Films of the Marshall Plan, 1948-1953     View
Companion to a 2005-2006 national retrospective tour of this "cache of 'lost films'" that had been used to promote the Marshall Plan (the post-World War II "European Recovery Program"). Find an overview of the Marshall Plan, brief ...

The Ritchie Boys     View
This site is a companion to a film and a 2005 book about a group of young men known as The Ritchie Boys, "who fled Nazi Germany and returned to Europe [during World War II] as soldiers in US-uniforms. ... In Camp Ritchie, Maryland, they were tra ...

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: A Decade of American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents 1941-1949     View
A collection of documents relating to American World War II and related peacetime foreign relations. Includes documents such as those arising from the Yalta (Crimea) and the Berlin (Potsdam) Conferences, United Nations materials, the Inter-American s ...

Dr. Seuss Went to War: A Catalog of Political Cartoons     View
"Over 400 editorial cartoons" created by Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) during 1941-1943 for the New York newspaper "PM." Browsable by date, and subject (people, countries/regions, war/domestic issues, battles and battlefields). Also ...

Books Go to War: The Armed Services Editions in World War Two     View
"This is the virtual catalog of an exhibition held ... at the University of Virginia" of Armed Services Editions (ASEs), small and inexpensive paperback books printed by various publishers to be distributed to the U.S. armed services during ...

July 1942: United We Stand     View
Explores the "patriotic conspiracy" of July 1942, when nearly five hundred "magazines nationwide featured the American flag on their covers." Includes background information on the campaign and the slogan "united we stand ...

The Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color     View
Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series that "brings America's wartime experience, on the battlefield and at home, vividly and intimately to life by combining original color film footage with compelling passages from diaries and ...




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