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Cool Cosmos     View
This site pulls together various materials for children and adults on the discovery and application of infrared technology. It includes information about infrared astronomy, multiwavelength astronomy, and the discovery of ultraviolet (UV) light. It f ...     View
Contains basic information about planets, black holes, galaxies, space exploration, and more. Includes worksheets for teachers, and online classes.

Green Flashes     View
Facts, photographs, a glossary, and more about green flashes, "real (not illusory) phenomena seen at sunrise and sunset, when some part of the Sun suddenly changes color (at sunset, from red or orange to green or blue)." Maintained by an as ...

Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer     View
Collection of responses written by graduate astronomy students to submitted questions on astronomy topics. Searchable, or view questions and answers by topics such as planets, stars, stargazing, lunar and solar eclipses, and astronomy careers. Includ ...

Sky & Telescope: Observing Highlights     View
"This Week's Sky at a Glance" includes lists of daily and weekly celestial phenomena, information on observing celestial objects, a gallery of photographs, and more. From Sky & Telescope.

Peoria Astronomical Society     View
The "Learning Topics" section of this site contains a primer for the beginning astronomer, and information on constellations, planets, asteroids, comets, black holes, telescopes, and more. From the Peoria Astronomical Society.

NASA's Imagine the Universe: Dark Matter     View
Brief discussions of dark matter, "[the] name given to the amount of mass whose existence is deduced from the analysis of galaxy rotation curves but which until now, has escaped all detections." Includes definitions of astronomy terms, a FA ...

Stephen Hawking???s Universe     View
Based on the PBS program, this site explains cosmological concepts in simple language. Covers black holes, the big bang, antimatter, super strings, dark matter, people who have made significant contributions in cosmology, discussions about theories o ...

Chandra X-Ray Observatory     View
Devoted to NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Contains photos taken by Chandra, a history of the Chandra Mission, information on x-ray astronomy, a glossary, and more.

Cosmicopia     View
The heliosphere is a large area, or bubble, carved out of interstellar space by the solar wind. Astrophysics Basics covers its composition, energetic particles, acceleration, and magnetic fields. There is information about Cosmic Rays and a diagram o ...




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