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Nordlys Northern Lights     View
This beautiful site is dedicated to the phenomenon known as northern lights or "Aurora Borealis." It provides information about their cause, appearance, and the places where they occur plus historical, scientific and mythological details ab ...

Aurora Forecast     View
View a daily forecast for auroral activity in the skies over Alaska and the Yukon. Also includes information about interpreting forecasts, a FAQ, a discussion forum, and links to related sites. From the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alas ...

The Aurora Page     View
"Information, links and images about the 'Northern Lights'." From the Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences, Michigan Technological University.

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky     View
Features information on aurora creation, what auroras look like from Earth and space, and places to observe auroras. Includes photographs, audio, and video. From the Center for Science Education, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, B ...

Space Weather Today     View
This site explains space weather, space storms, and the role of the sun. It explores the relationship to space storms and damage here on earth as well as presenting images of the storms in the atmosphere and from space. Included are links to related ...

AwardWeb: Literary Award Information and Photos     View
Award Web specializes in Science Fiction awards, but there are many other literary awards listed here as well. Click on the award name and find information about the award and the winners.


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