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Back to School Countdown     View
"Whether your child will be heading off to kindergarten or college, ... [this site is] offering a prep course on all things back to school." Includes articles on topics such as what teachers wish parents knew, streamlining your morning rout ...,,d9x8nlkx,00.html?dst=rss%7CMSNBC_Today_Home

Back to School     View
These links "provide resources for students, parents, and educators in preparation for returning to school in the fall." Includes links to sites on how to calculate a grade point average (GPA), school and library locations, financial assist ...

Back to School     View
Annotated links to teacher resources such as back-to-school activities, icebreakers, classroom management techniques, and related concepts and tools. Includes general teaching ideas and resources for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. From ...

AAP News Release -- Back to School Tips     View
A list of ideas for parents of school-age children, covering topics such as backpack comfort and safety, starting a new school, school avoidance, study habits, child care, television use, and alcohol abuse prevention. From the American Academy of Ped ...

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Back to School     View
Collection of statistics relating to education and employment. Provides data about unemployment rate and weekly earnings for different levels of education, a list of careers with above average wages and high projected growth, graphs of school enrollm ...

Going Back to School     View
Article about the negative emotions children may experience when it is time to return to school in the fall. Includes information about what teachers may talk about on the first day of school, starting middle school, and tips to help avoid some worri ...

Back to School Safety     View
This brief fact sheet includes safety tips for young students, high school students, and college students. Most items relate to auto and homeowner's insurance concerns. Includes a video clip discussing the avoidance of theft at college campuses. From ...

Back to School Cartoons     View
A compilation of back-to-school humor. Includes the name of each artist, a link to the artist's syndicate or newspaper, and contact information. Users may comment or visit an archive of the artist's most recent cartoons. From Daryl Cagle's Profession ...

America's Legislators Back to School Program     View
Program and promotional materials for the annual event held the third week in September that "gives elected officials in all 50 states the opportunity to meet personally with their young constituents and to answer questions, share ideas, listen ...

U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Back to School     View
Facts and statistics about the annual autumnal phenomenon of children and teachers returning to school. Browse topics such as school enrollment, the cost of education, back-to-school shopping, the benefits of education, and more. From the U.S. Census ...



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