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Bat Conservation International     View
The Bat Conservation International website offers extensive information and resources about bats and ongoing conservation projects; ways you can help through the Adopt-A-Bat program and membership in the organization; and information for prospective ...

Bat Conservation International     View
Website of a worldwide organization devoted to conserving bats. Includes articles, photos, and trivia; information about bat conferences, organizations, excursions, and volunteer opportunities; and tips on creating bat-friendly environments, buildin ...

Bats (Order Chiroptera)     View
Includes general information about bats as a group as well as detailed information on many specific types of bats. Details include images (if available), range, physical characteristics, references, natural history, and more. From the University of M ...

Why Wind Turbines Can Mean Death for Bats     View
This 2008 article presents the report results in which researchers found that "at most wind facilities, bats actually die in much greater numbers" than birds. The research found that "ninety percent of the bats ... examined after death ...

Bats4Kids: Bats Bats Everywhere     View
Everything you ever wanted to know about bats and more! You can play bat games, take a bat quiz, and learn all sorts of important facts about bats.

Night Creatures of the Kalahari     View
"Where we humans see only darkness, some animals can see their next meal. How do they do it? And how are zoologists able to study these night creatures? This Web site shines a spotlight on the nocturnal eye."

Nature: Bloody Suckers     View
Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Nature program that looks at "scary and fascinating creatures that feed on blood," such as leeches, mosquitoes, chipo bugs, and vampire bats. Includes video clips, photos, a lesson plan, and ...

National Amateur Baseball Federation     View
Formed in 1914, NABF hosts over 50 regional tournaments, plus eight national championship tournaments, throughout the year for players ten and under through adult.


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