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Bicycle Safety Activity Kit     View
What should you check before riding your bike? Why should you wear a helmet? What clothes are the best for cycling? You can the answers to these questions and bicycle safety tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Bicycle Museum of America: Online Museum     View
See pictures of really old bicycles from 1816 to the present. There is a timeline, an alphabetical list and a special student section.

Rec.Bicycles' Frequently Asked Questions     View
"Contains the answers to frequently asked questions posed to rec.bicycles and interesting information that cyclists might find useful."

Bike Safety     View
Cycling safety information, including what to wear and the rules of the road.

Helmets: Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute     View
Volunteers put together this site with just about anything you would want to know about bicycle helmets. It includes tips on fitting helmets, reviews of helmets, lists of helmet laws, technical information about helmets, and more.

Bicycling Resource Guide     View
"The [San Francisco] Bay Area's resource for bicycling information. Here you???ll find the new 511 BikeMapper [interactive tool to find bikeways], route maps, locations of lockers and racks, information on how to take your bike on public transit ...

Washington State Africa Network (WASAN)     View
WASAN seeks to "enhance awareness and understanding about the countries and people of Africa, and to increase the involvement of Washington residents in issues of Africa." The site provides information on WASAN, events, forums, news, and bi ...

Amgen Tour of California     View
Site for this eight-day professional bicycle stage race that takes place in February along the California coast. The site features a route map, list of stops, material about the peloton (such as teams and a glossary), a tour tracker, and standings fo ...

America on the Move: From the Smithsonian's Bicycle Collection     View
Exhibit on the history of bicycles, mostly based on the 1974 book "Wheels and Wheeling: The Smithsonian Cycle Collection." Features essays on the history of bicycling and images of vintage bicycles and other bicycle-related materials from t ...

Bikes Trailers     View
The website for this bicycle delivery service contains articles on hauling cargo by bicycle, cycling for profit, and living a car-free lifestyle. Includes images showing bicycles hauling refrigerators and other household items, a calculator for deter ...



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