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National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA)     View
This industry organization website provides information mostly of interest to bicycle dealers and those considering opening a bicycle retail business. Although some information is only available to members, the site includes research and reports such ...

Carbon Sequestration     View
Description of projects investigating the potential for carbon sequestration. "Carbon sequestration refers to the provision of long-term storage of carbon in the terrestrial biosphere, underground, or the oceans so that the buildup of carbon dio ...

America on the Move: From the Smithsonian's Bicycle Collection     View
Exhibit on the history of bicycles, mostly based on the 1974 book "Wheels and Wheeling: The Smithsonian Cycle Collection." Features essays on the history of bicycling and images of vintage bicycles and other bicycle-related materials from t ...

Bikes Trailers     View
The website for this bicycle delivery service contains articles on hauling cargo by bicycle, cycling for profit, and living a car-free lifestyle. Includes images showing bicycles hauling refrigerators and other household items, a calculator for deter ...

The Exploratorium's Science of Cycling     View
Part of a series from the Exploratorium (San Francisco) on "the science behind popular spectator and recreational sports." Features sections on bicycle wheels, drives and gears, frames and materials, braking and steering, aerodynamics, and ...

Harris Cyclery: Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others     View
A contributor to several bicycling magazines, Sheldon Brown has gathered a selection of articles on a wide range of bicycle maintenance and repair topics. Highlights include sections on wheel building, tandems, cyclecomputers, tool tips, and bicycle ...

Tour de France     View
The official site for the Tour de France bicycle race features real-time coverage during the annual competition. Also find information about the route, the riders, previous winners, history, and cycling news. Use the "Retro" feature to loca ...

WWW Bike Lane     View
Excellent, extensive directory of bicycling information resources. Includes Tour de France information.

The Unicycle Page     View
All about unicycling, including selecting equipment, how to mount and ride, special maneuvers, games, tips for riding in parades, clubs, events, a world-wide roster of unicyclists, FAQs, stories, artwork, and more. This site is a mixture of original ...

Travel With Bicycles (Air/Rail/Other)     View
"This website is a personal, non-commercial attempt to make available the experience of hundreds of individual bicycle tourists. ... Either we travel with our bikes or we rent bikes when we arrive. We take airlines, trains, buses, or ferries. ...




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