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Andrei Sakharov: Soviet Physics, Nuclear Weapons and Human Rights     View
This site is devoted to the "father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb", the "Soviet physicist who became ... a spokesman for the conscience of mankind." "This exhibit tells about Sakharov??s extraordinary life," including information about his history, hi ...

Buscabiografias     View
Spanish-language resource for biographies of famous people from all over the world, from the past and present. Includes royalty and world leaders, writers, actors, musicians and singers, artists, athletes, philosophers, and scientists.

biography-center     View
A searchable biographical directory of famous/infamous people. You can browse by category, alphabetical order, highest rated or by most popular. This site indexes and provides links to biographies available from other Web sites.

Virginia Hamilton     View
Find out more about Virginia Hamilton and her many books. Look through her picture gallery or read and share frog jokes.

Diana Ross     View
This site is designed by Diana Ross's son-in-law. It has a picture, a biography, and a list of all the books she has written.

CMG Worldwide     View
Biographical and professional information (awards, filmographies, etc.) about clients of this agent for many sports figures and entertainers. The estates of such diverse figures as James Dean, Malcolm X, Buddy Holly, Babe Ruth, Lee Strasberg, Tiny Ti ...

Forbes Celebrity 100     View
A list of top celebrities selected by such measures as number of visits to their websites, number of press clips, and number of times they've appeared on magazine covers, as well as their earnings.

Who's Alive and Who's Dead     View
This site "helps you keep track of which famous people have died and which are still alive!" The purpose is "to list people whose vital status may be unknown by and of interest to the average person," so most persons whose sta ...

A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names     View
"This is a concise guide to technical terms and personal names often encountered in the study of philosophy. Although its entries are extremely brief, many of them include links to electronic versions of philosophical texts and to more detailed discu ...

The House of Usher: Edgar Allan Poe     View
Guide to the life and works of author Edgar Allan Poe.



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