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Declaring for President is a Dance of Seven Veils     View
This December 2006 essay discusses the steps potential presidential candidates might take before they declare that they are running for election. Possible steps considered include "testing the waters," television appearances, and the format ...

The Presidential Field: Full Coverage of the 2008 Candidates     View
Profiles of candidates for the 2008 presidential elections, "expected to be the first [election] in decades that won't include a sitting president or vice president in the field of candidates vying for the White House." Includes personal da ... 2008 Presidential Election     View
Compilation of data on campaign contributions for the 2008 presidential election. Candidate profiles include total funds raised and spent, cash on hand, debts, and a breakdown of sources of the funds (such as individual contributions). Also includes ...

So You Want to Buy a President?     View
Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Frontline program about financial donations to 1996 presidential campaigns. Features "profiles examining the interlocking business and political relationships which dominate the Presidential fund- ...

Traveling With Obama Through Africa     View
In this August 2006 article "CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery ... [outlines] traveling with Sen. Barack Obama on his trip to Africa. Here, he recounts his travels in the senator's homeland [Kenya]." This day-by-day account describes a s ...

John McCain, Veteran War Hero: Yes. But a Descendant of Robert the Bruce?     View
This March 2008 article, written on the occasion of a trip by John McCain to England, considers whether the claim that McCain's family "was descended from the Scottish king, Robert the Bruce" is supported. From Guardian Unlimited, the websi ...

The Choice 2008     View
Companion website for this PBS Frontline program that examines "the rich personal and political biographies" of John McCain and Barack Obama. Watch the full program, view slide shows for each candidate, and read interviews with journalists, ...

America Votes 2004: Presidential Primary Preview     View
Follow the path of the 2004 presidential primary race with this site's information on the current candidates; their positions on topics such as civil rights, healthcare, international policy, and the environment; and their battle for campaign contrib ...

Presidency 2004     View
Profiles of presidential candidates for the 2004 election, as well as individuals who only thought about running and those who withdrew. Offers brief political biographies, analysis, and links to candidate and party Web sites for Republicans, Democra ...

Google 2008 U.S. Election     View
Links to news and updates related to the 2008 presidential elections. Find links to material on the six presidential candidates (Baldwin, Barr, McCain, McKinney, Nader, and Obama), and to topics such as the presidential debates, quotes, and analysis ...



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