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What's That Stuff?: Process Cheese     View
Explains the differences between various types of processed cheese products, such as pasteurized process cheese spread and imitation cheese. Discusses specific brands (such as Velveeta and Cheez Whiz), regulations for processed cheese products, the p ...

Making Soft Cheeses     View
"Soft cheeses can be made at home without specialized equipment." This site provides instructions for making cream cheese, pizza cheese, Neufchatel, and other soft cheeses. Includes an equipment list, illustration, and references. From Colo ...

Cheese Counter     View
Collection of articles and tidbits by Steve Jenkins, "author, frequent magazine contributor, and cheese consultant." Topics include bargain cheeses, alternatives to Brie, Paris cheese shops, preparation of cheese plates, storage tips, and s ...

Camembert: Un Village, Un Fromage/Camembert: A Village, A Cheese     View
Illustrated information about this small village in the province of Normandy (northwestern France) and the cheese that bears the village name. Discusses the village church and graveyard, the House of Camembert building ("resembles an open Camemb ...

What's That Stuff?     View
Essays that look at the chemical composition of over 20 everyday products, ranging from self-tanners, lipstick, fireworks, Cheese Whiz, new car smell, toothpaste, Silly Putty, and more. From the American Chemical Society.

Fankhauser's Cheese Page     View
Illustrated recipes and instructions for making hard cheeses, buttermilk, feta, mozzarella, mascarpone, yogurt, ice cream, and other cheese and dairy products. Also includes instructional videos, lab exercises, instructions for making a cheese press, ...

NOFA Massachusetts Campaign for Raw Milk     View
This site promotes the benefits of unpasteurized, unprocessed milk and cheeses. Although it contains some resources specific to Massachusetts, the site also provides general information about raw milk. Discusses raw milk's benefits, why it is difficu ...     View
Comprehensive site for news and information on over six hundred types of cheese: by name (Abbaye de Belloc through Zanetti Parmigiano Reggiano), country (Afghanistan through Wales), texture (hard through soft), and type of milk (buffalo through yak). ...

Mexican Cheese: The Whole Enchilada     View
Describes traditional Mexican creams (cremas) and cheeses (such as queso blanco and queso cojita). Includes recipes using these ingredients. From a food columnist and cookbook author.

Wisconsin Cheese: All About Cheese     View
This promotional site for the Wisconsin dairy industry presents a "Cheesecyclopedia" of specific types of cheeses made in Wisconsin, a food and wine pairing guide, serving suggestions, a history of cheese making in Wisconsin, a virtual tour ...



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