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A Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements     View
A project "to produce images that explore and reflect upon the diversity of elements that comprise matter." Each of the elements is accompanied by a visual image, as well as a description and history (including origin of name). From the Roy ...

Electrochemistry Dictionary and Encyclopedia     View
Hundreds of "simple and brief definitions of words and phrases used often in electrochemistry. In some cases, a second paragraph provides further information for the 'more scientifically minded.'" Browsable alphabetically. Also find an enclyclopedia ...     View
Searchable directory of more than 7,000 chemistry related sites. Includes general chemistry, organizations, Web portals, biography, software, standards, and more. Users may rate and review sites. Some features require free registration. Based at the ...

The Macrogalleria: A Cyberwonderland of Polymer Fun     View
This site provides information about polymers including molecular arrangement and models. Learn how polymers are used, types of polymers, how polymers behave and function, and how they are made. Also features polymer-related activities, demos, and ga ...

WebElements Periodic Table     View
Contains the periodic table and information on each element, including historical background, uses, compounds, electronic and physical properties, and more.

Chemguide: Helping You to Understand Chemistry     View
Designed to help students understand concepts of chemistry. Topics include Atomic Structure and Bonding , Inorganic and Organic Chemistry , Organic Reaction Mechanisms , Instrumental analysis, and Chemistry Calculations . Written by a chemistry teach ...

It's Elemental: The Periodic Table of Elements     View
This periodic table features descriptions of all of the elements, with history and uses, facts and figures, and other details. Also includes lists of the elements by atomic number and chemical name and symbol, a glossary, learning activities and game ...

It's Elemental: Polonium     View
Background about the radioactive element polonium, which was "discovered by Marie Sklodowska Curie, a Polish chemist, in 1898. She obtained polonium from pitchblende, a material that contains uranium." Includes a brief description of uses, ...

Center for Atmospheric Science     View
This is a joint project of the Cambridge University (U.K.) Chemistry Department and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. This site collects links to scholarly scientific atmospheric studies including data collected from expe ...

The Periodic Table of Videos     View
Click on the symbol for each chemical element on the Periodic Table of the Elements for a short video about that element. The "Extras" section includes videos about fool's gold (in honor of April Fools' Day), tea chemistry (for Chinese New ...




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