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Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks     View
Contains annotated links to hundreds of websites related to Chinese culture, Chinese language and linguistics, and general linguistics. Maintained by a professor of East Asian languages and literature at Ohio State University.

Flora of China     View
This comprehensive site includes images, maps, and text on thousands of Chinese species as well as links to other sites related to botany and to China.

Chinese Learning Objects     View
Collection of online instructional materials "that will help students improve their ability to read Chinese." Includes full form and simplified Chinese character lessons introducing China's geography, popular surnames, common warning signs ...

The China WWW Virtual Library - Internet Guide for Chinese Studies     View
A comprehensive guide with links to resources and academic material on China, Chinese culture, Chinese society, Chinese history, and other subjects, with a table of contents modeled after Library of Congress classification schedules, maintained by th ...

Chinese Press Hails Deng Centenary     View
A compilation of quotes from Chinese news stories about the August 2004 centenary of the birth of China's late supreme leader Deng Xiaoping. Also includes links to profiles of Deng and China's ruling party and to related news stories. From the Britis ...

China Vitae     View
"China Vitae is an online biographical database that provides more than 2500 biographies of current Chinese political, military, economic, business, and academic leaders. ... [U]sers can easily create lists of officials who have similar career p ...

Chinese Seals     View
Images of hundreds of pages from "a 14-volume set of imprints of ancient Chinese seals. On each page is a carefully executed impression of a seal and drawing of the seal stone." Not annotated. From the University of California, Merced, Libr ...

1421: The Year China Discovered the World     View
This site is a companion to a book by Gavin Menzies and television documentaries that "support the theory that the Chinese circumnavigated and charted the globe, a century before the Europeans staked claim to having done so." The site featu ...

Chinese Tea     View
"Explore the world of Chinese teas and tea drinking. Learn about Chinese tea culture, the difference between different types of chinese tea, and the health benefits. Includes brewing instructions, trivia, and information on reading tea leaves. F ...

Dragon Robe for an Empress of China     View
This section of an educational site focuses on Chinese dragon robes, which were court robes worn by royalty in China during the Ch'ing dynasty. Provides background information about dragons, the Ch'ing dynasty, and dragon robes. Includes images of de ...




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