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Early Modern Resources     View
An annotated directory of websites "for all those interested in finding electronic resources relating to the early modern period in history [1500-1800]." Searchable, and browsable by topic, including arts, women, religion, politics, and cri ...

Religion and Prayer in U.S. Public School, Libraries, Etc.     View
An overview of the constitutional requirements relating to prayer in U.S. public schools. Also discusses prayer at municipal government meetings, teaching about religion and the Bible, prayer at special school events, student free speech guarantees, ...

The Secular Web     View
"A resource for online atheists, humanists, agnostics and freethinkers." Includes an active discussion board, library of historic writings and current articles, parents' section, and a directory of events. From Internet Infidels, "a ...

Interfaith Working Group Online     View
News, views, and advocacy materials for "religious diversity and social issues," such as sexual orientation, separation of church and state, and reproductive freedom.

Saudi Arabia: International Religious Freedom Report     View
Provides an overview of the status of religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, where "Islam is the official religion, and the law requires that all citizens be Muslims." Discusses societal attitudes, restrictions on religious freedom, Mutawwa'in ...

Faith & Reason     View
Interviews and transcripts from a 1998 PBS documentary on the conflict between science and religion. Broad subjects such as history, evolution, and genetics lead to a series of essays, with further suggested topics to explore. Includes biographies of ...

The Center for Religion and Civic Culture     View
This research unit of the University of Southern California (USC) College of Letters, Arts and Sciences "promotes discipline-based, transdisciplinary, and interdisciplinary research related to the involvement of religion and religious institutio ...

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices     View
The reports address human, labor, and political rights; internal and other conflicts; freedom of the press; freedom of religion; and treatment of women, children, and minority groups. The areas covered are Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe an ...

Christian Coalition of America     View
Site of the political organization, founded by Christian televangelist Pat Robertson, whose mission is to "represent the pro-family point of view before local councils, school boards, state legislatures and Congress." The site highlights th ...

Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion     View
This online journal from Rutgers University Law School addresses church/state issues on a global scale. Features topics such as excommunication, women priests, same-sex marriage, death penalty, shunning, female circumcision, and atheism. Also contai ...



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