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Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond     View
An introduction to the magic behind movie special effects. Highlights include a game called Attack of the 50 Foot Chicken , a special effects timeline, interviews with special effects creators, and an interactive still from Titanic that allows you to ...

Kodak: Cinema and Television     View
This commercial site provides technical information for all levels of film and digital videomakers about storage and handling questions, processing, projection, editing, lighting, x-ray machines and film, cinematography, and environmental concerns. P ...

Digital Video Café     View
A well-edited gathering of links to digital filmmaking resources, including a collection of Canadian sites, plus a newsletter. Produced by a Toronto film shop, the writers clearly understand what's current and useful to independent filmmakers.

Plants-in-Motion     View
A collection of time-lapse movies that demonstrate various phases of plant growth. Areas include germination, photomorphogenesis, circadian responses, flowers, cellular responses, and more. From a professor of biology at Indiana University.

Origins of American Animation     View
The American Memory Project has released 21 short, animated films, and 2 fragments from 1900-1921 (available in RealMedia, MPEG, and QuickTime formats). The bibliographic records are browsable by title, subject, or date as well as searchable by keywo ...

Comics Research Bibliography     View
This searchable, international bibliography "lists both monographs and articles from popular magazines and academic journals pertaining to comic books, comic strips, animation, caricature, cartoons, bandes dessinees, and related topics." Contains nea ...


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