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Europa - Environment for Young Europeans     View
Discover the elements that make up the environment and how they are being affected, with lessons, games and activities.

Geoscience Basics - Fabulous Facts About Australia     View
Geographic and geologic history of Australia. Includes maps, dimensions, information about landforms (deserts, mountains, etc.), and the landscape of Australian capital cities.

The Encyclopedia of Earth     View
A comprehensive, authoritative, and thorough resource all about our Earth and relationship to it. Articles written by experts and scholars

Countries     View
Do you need to do a school report on Finland? Are you looking for information about countries in Latin America? This IPL pathfinder is designed to find print and Internet resources about nations and regions around the world. You may have to consult a ...

Your Environment. Your Choice.     View
An Environmental Protection Agency-run campaign designed to educate and involve teens in matters affecting our environment. This Web site challenges teens to think about their impact on the world around them.

El Nino Home Page - USGS     View
This site provides news and information about El Nino weather patterns. Find news articles about the causes and effects of El Nino, research projects, and a graph of El Nino effects over the past 40 years.

Global Change Master Directory     View
Intended "to assist researchers, policy makers, and the public in the discovery of and access to data, related services, and ancillary information (which includes descriptions of instruments and platforms) relevant to global change and Earth science ...

The Environmental Defense Fund     View

OLogy     View
???OLogy means "the study of." And here on the American Museum of Natural History's OLogy Web site, you can study and explore many cool OLogies.??? You can learn about Volcanology (volcanoes), Arachnology (spiders), Astrology (planets and stars), and ...

The Habitable Planet     View
A "multimedia course for high school teachers and adult learners interested in studying environmental science." Provides information and materials on planets, life forms, and the Earth's ecosystem.




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