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Bad Fads     View
This site describes popular fads of the past and present in fashion, collectibles, activities, and events.

Andy Zito's Snowdomes     View
"This site is dedicated to souvenir, figural, advertising and character snowdomes for trading, selling, informing and linking to others." Features images of dozens of snow domes organized by subject matter, a bibliography, and links to rela ...

Glass Museum On Line     View
Information on all kinds of glass artwork. Includes a searchable and browsable illustrated encyclopedia covering more than 60 types of glass. Site features articles by collectors on many kinds of collectible glass and an online bulletin board for que ...

Bad Fads Museum     View
Do you remember leisure suits, mood rings, troll dolls, 8 Track tapes, fallout shelters, flagpole sitting, goldfish swallowing, or streaking? Divided into four sections: Fashion; Collectibles; Activities; and Events. Each fad is accompanied by a pict ...     View
"From the 1920's to 2000's we list all of the craziest fads that have come and gone. Go back a few decades and read about the silly to serious fads that helped change our society and create a pop-culture." Despite weak authority and some ty ...

Button Information Index     View
Site includes images of hundreds of vintage buttons organized by material, such as glass, rubber, and Lucite, and by use, such as buttons from overalls and California transportation uniforms. From, a Web site "for clothing but ...

International Olympic Committee: Memorabilia, Numismatics, and Philately     View
Contains information and images of Olympic coins, stamps, and memorabilia (posters, medals, mascots, torches, and pins), from 1896 to the present. Searchable.

Collector Online's Club Directory     View
"This directory lists over 500 clubs related to antiques and collectibles" including a contact person, their address, and telephone number information. The clubs are listed alphabetically, with some of them linked to their home pages as well. The m ...

Political Memorabilia     View
This site provides an online exhibit of "buttons, ribbons, pins, watch fobs, medalets, postcards, and sheet music" relating to U.S. presidential campaigns of the 19th and 20th centuries. Browsable by type of item. Also includes a brief bibl ...

Vintage Calculators     View
Explores the history of calculating devices beginning 5000 years ago, from the abacus to the invention of the electronic calculator. Includes a drawing or photo of each device, an explanation of how it works, and its inventor. Features a discussion f ...



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