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Masters of American Comics     View
Companion to a 2005-2006 exhibition of work by "15 artists who shaped the development of the American comic strip and comic book during the past century." Includes images of 30 works by artists such as Winsor McCay (Little Nemo), George Her ...

Will     View
Official site for this comic and graphic novel writer and artist who died in January 2005. The site provides a biography; a bibliography of his graphic novels, biographical and instructional works, and works featuring the Spirit; images of an adaptat ...

Guardians of the North/Protecteurs du Nord     View
Historical overview of comic books in Canada. Includes profiles of "the nine most significant costumed heroes to personify the Canadian spirit" (Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Johnny Canuck, Canada Jack, the Northern Light, Captain Canuck, ...

Calvin and Hobbes     View
Calvin and Hobbes are a boy and his stuffed tiger, who were featured in a popular comic strip from 1985-1996. This site brings viewers a new Calvin strip each day, eleven years after it was originally published and allows viewers to view any of the s ...

William E. Blake, Jr. Collection of True Life 1940s Era Comics     View
Devoted to the 1940s "true life" comics that "featured stories about historical events, scientific discoveries, and heroic individuals." Includes background essay, images of covers, and a description and list of the titles contain ...

Ka-BOOM! A Dictionary of Comic Book Words on Historical Principles     View
This site presents a list of some of the vocabulary of sounds found in traditional comics. Each entry provides the citation and a brief description of the contextual meaning. Also includes a thesaurus of sounds based on types of action.

Periodic Table of Comic Books     View
A fun, searchable site where elements are linked from a periodic table to comic book pages utilizing the name of the particular element. Citations include title, date, and page, if known.

Comic Book Resources     View
Looking for comic books on the Web? This is the ultimate resource site for comic book links, news, and reviews. Fans can also post messages on one of the many message boards or chat with others who share their interests.

Krazy Kat     View
The Coconino County Homepage is devoted to the work of George Herriman and his classic and surreal comic strip "Krazy Kat," which ran from 1915 to 1944. In addition to lots of graphics, here you can find a bibliography, as well as a chronology of man ...

NinthArt     View
A journal of the comics medium, with a focus on critical and analytical perspectives. Includes essays, editorials, interviews, creator profiles, critical reviews, and thoroughly annotated booklists. Searchable archives. Updated twice weekly.




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