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Copyright Kids     View
Designed for middle school students, this page presents an overview of copyright, definitions, a FAQ, parent and teacher resources, information about registering copyrights, sample permission letters, a video clip on handling copyright issues, relate ...

Copyright Advisory Network     View
The purpose of this service provided by the American Library Association's Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) "is to provide a forum for librarians to discuss copyright issues, with one another and with ALA-trained copyright experts ...

Copyright Resources Online     View
The Yale University Library presents a Copyright Resources Online Index. This index is divided into two sections: University Copyright Resources and Non-University Intellectual Property Resources. Features a table that helps determine when works pass ...

Copyright Information & Education: Fair Use     View
Overview of the fair use doctrine "which allows users of copyrighted works to exercise some rights under certain circumstances without seeking permission or paying royalties." It is "probably the most important exemption to copyright p ...

Online Service Providers: Designation by Service Provider of Agent for Notification of Claims of Infringement     View
"The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, signed into law on October 28, 1998, amended the copyright law to provide limitations for service provider liability relating to material online." Features the full-text of the law, a directory of serv ...

MLA: Copyright for Music Librarians     View
Contains information on "pending legislation, news, and litigation and its impact on music libraries." Includes news, guidelines "relevant to music and education as adopted by professional organizations," FAQs, related links, and ...

A Visit to Copyright Bay     View
Designed by graduate students at George Washington University, this site is meant to be a guide "to general and specific concepts about copyright as they apply to the non-profit educational setting." Copyright, fair use, and infringement tu ...

Copyright Policy Branch [Canada]     View
"The Copyright Policy Branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage, in co-operation with the Intellectual Property Policy Directorate of Industry Canada, is responsible for formulating and implementing an integrated Canadian copyright policy. ...

Music Publishers' Association: Copyright Search Information Resource Guide     View
A short, clear guide for "publisher/copyright information to locate a piece of music, ... to obtain the necessary permission to perform or arrange it," or to acquire permission to reprint lyrics in for-profit works. Features links to a dire ...

UC Copyright Education Web Site     View
This site from the University of California "is intended as a guide to copyright in the academic setting and should not be construed as legal advice." It provides general information about copyright ownership and using copyrighted works, in ...




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