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Crayola     View
Get an idea for a new art project, print a card or a coloring sheet, or design a fireworks show (in Games ) at this crayon manufacturer's website. Each activity lists the materials and steps involved in completing it.

WoolWorks     View
Contains general hints and tips for handknitters, including making socks, knitting for dolls, and more. Features nationwide directories of knitting guilds, and organizations "that accept donations of finished knitted goods." Includes photo ...

Knitting     View
This site has hundreds of organized, free knitting patterns and lots of help with your projects, whether you're a beginner or advanced. Chat with other knitters or visit the Knitting Forum for questions and helpful tips. Was Knitting on the ...

Crafty Chica     View
Crafty Chica is a site that invites you to nurture your imagination to make your own unique things. Projects include crystal cell phones, seashell sandles, and candle holders.

Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect: A Modern Renaissance in Italian Glass     View
Exhibition on glass artist Lino Tagliapietra, whose "career -- from a childhood spent working in glass factories in Murano, Italy, through maturation as a designer and craftsman for industry, to full fruition as an independent artist -- is unusu ...

Handmade Nation Special Edition Interview     View
Interview with a woman who "traveled the country, putting 19,000 miles under her belt and visiting 15 cities to document the new wave of craft" in the U.S. and co-wrote a book and produced a documentary on the topic. Includes links to the w ...

East Carolina University's Glassblowing Services     View
Includes an illustrated tutorial on glassblowing; information on equipment, materials, tools, and terminology; data and tables of volumes, including pressure conversions, physical properties, and more; a section on designing a shop; special tips; and ...

Stained Glass Information and Search Site     View
This site contains basic information on stained glass techniques and offers step-by-step instructions for using specific tools and devices. Other sections include a store and studio finder, links to reputable companies, a calendar of classes and meet ...

The American Gourd Society     View
This organization "promotes interest in all activities relating to gourds: cultivation, historical uses, gourd show competition, craftwork, and artistic decoration." The site includes seasonal growing tips, a FAQ, a bulletin board, and slid ...

Gourds by Jeanie     View
An inspirational site by an enthusiastic hobbyist, this graphics-heavy site shows what can be done with the lowly gourd to make it a work of art. Includes many common gourd shapes; where to buy seeds, gourds, tools, and other supplies; and an illustr ...




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