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Are You Wearing Your Bicycle Helmet Correctly?     View
This brief article features photos and instructions for correct positioning of a bicycle helmet, covering the common mistakes of tilting the helmet backwards or forwards. From the Mayo Clinic.

International Human Powered Vehicle Association     View
Site of an association "dedicated to promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the use of human power, especially in the design and development of human-powered vehicles [HPVs]" used in land, sea, and air. Contains photographs, in ...

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)     View
This site "is a clearinghouse for information about health and safety, engineering, advocacy, education, enforcement and access and mobility." The "Resources/Programs" section contains links to the Web sites managed by the PBIC, i ...

Science Friday: Taste Buds/Bike Science     View
This companion to a Science Friday radio program includes segments on the physiology of bicycling (topics such as lung capacity, muscular endurance, and high-tech bicycling designs) and on taste buds. "New findings suggest that one taste bud may ...

The History of the Bicycle Pedal, Time Line & Gallery     View
Illustrated timeline of the history of the bicycle pedal from 1855 to 2000. Includes historical notes and images of pedals with toe clips and clipless pedals. The image gallery features photos of platform pedals, clipless pedals for road and mountain ...

National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA)     View
This industry organization website provides information mostly of interest to bicycle dealers and those considering opening a bicycle retail business. Although some information is only available to members, the site includes research and reports such ...

Carbon Sequestration     View
Description of projects investigating the potential for carbon sequestration. "Carbon sequestration refers to the provision of long-term storage of carbon in the terrestrial biosphere, underground, or the oceans so that the buildup of carbon dio ...

Mountain Bike TrailSource     View
Lists trails for mountain biking in the U.S. and fifty other countries. Included are photos, brief descriptions, and contact information. Links to other mountain biking sites are also included.

Bikestation     View
This "is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in urban communities through the operation and development of bike-transit centers and related infrastructure." It offers services such as bicycle parking spots, r ...

California Bicycle Coalition (CBC)     View
This group organizes the California Bike Commute, an annual bike-to-work event, and lobbies the legislature and Caltrans for more and better trails and street routes. Here they provide news about their efforts to make Yosemite Valley bike-friendly, l ...




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