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Deafness Research Foundation: Hearing Health Magazine     View
Hearing Health magazine is to keep you informed of the latest discoveries in the field of cutting-edge research as it relates to deafness.

CODA International     View
"CODA -- Children of Deaf Adults, is a nonprofit organization for the adult hearing sons and daughters of deaf parents." The site features organizational information, a brief history, a fact sheet, a FAQ, newsletters, and information about ...

Gallaudet University Library Guide to Deaf Biographies     View
Brief biographical information accompanies this index to biographies in sources listed on the site, mostly of deaf and hard-of-hearing people, "but a few hearing people who have been important to or influential on the deaf are included also." Searcha ...

Deafness: Choices of Communication     View
Find resources related to American Sign Language (ASL), deaf culture, cued speech, signing, assistive devices, and more. This site includes recommended readings on the Web as well as books. From librarian Virginia Johnson of the Central Rappahannock ...

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)     View
Describes the causes and symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Also reviews current research, the nature of hearing, and who is susceptible to NIHL. In English and Spanish. From the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Diso ...

Deaf President Now (DPN)     View
This site, updated in 2003, celebrates the 15-year anniversary of the appointment of the first deaf president for Gallaudet University. "Since then, Deaf President Now (DPN) has become synonymous with self-determination and empowerment for deaf ...

Odyssey     View
"Odyssey,published twice a year, features scholarly articles about a wide range of issues important to the families of deaf and hard of hearing children and to those of us involved in deaf education."

Hands & Voices: "What Works for your Child is what makes the Choice right"     View
Hands and Voices is a "nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as the professionals who serve them." It is a "parent-driven, parent/professional collaborative gr ...

Deaf Times: For the Deaf, by the Deaf     View
Site offers news, events, and job postings related to deafness. News is offered on site but it also offers a registration route where one can select from a list of subsidiary DeafTimes within the continental USA where one can elect to receive news l ...

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)     View
RID is a "national membership organization of professionals who provide sign language interpreting/transliterating services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons." Searchable RID databases accessible to the public include: Interpreter/RID Me ...



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