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Philips Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the Compact Disc     View
Background about the first compact disc, which was manufactured at the Philips factory near Hanover, Germany, on August 17, 1982. The "CD ushered in shift from analogue to digital in the music industry, [and] spawned new digital technologies, in ...

JumpTV     View
JumpTV "is the world's leading broadcaster of television over the Internet. With nearly 300 channels from 75+ countries, JumpTV delivers its audience news, sports and entertainment content on a real-time basis." Much content is free, bu ...     View
This site provides links to a selection of "free online TV channels from around the world." Organized by language. Listings link directly to the programming, and indicate which media player is necessary to view the content. Provided by a so ...

Free Sound Effects     View
An annotated list of several sites that provide animal, nature, mechanical, and other sound effects in a variety of audio formats. From Videomaker Magazine.

MIT Media Lab     View
If you've heard of the exploits of this famed lab and wondered what they are currently up to, this site is for you. The lab, founded in 1980, has been involved in a wide range of innovative and visionary technology projects. Two of the most intriguin ...

Media Services: Glossary     View
A browsable glossary of terms related to the study of "digital" or "new multimedia," "a relatively new and broad subject area that combines traditional image-production techniques (like film and video) with an understanding o ...

Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS)     View
This site defines "digital storytelling," and provides articles and case studies about the process. There are also links to related Web pages, some providing examples of digital storytelling projects. There is also has information about the ...     View
Online community by and for "new media artists" working with digital video and other new formats. "Rhizome's activities focus on: presenting artworks by new media artists, critics and curators; fostering critical dialog; and preserving ...

ProductionHUB     View
A "specialized search engine and interactive online community devoted solely to professionals, products and services in the film, video and digital media industries." Includes job listings, a calendar of trade shows and festivals, and equip ...

Readings on Information and Intellectual Property     View
This is a page for a course that was taught on intellectual property. The page provides links to online readings covering assorted topics, including recommended readings, background resources on intellectual property law, software as intellectual pr ...



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