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Spatial Concepts     View
This site uses bright illustrations to demonstrate to children spatial concepts including over and under, in and out, between, near and far, big and little, and many more.

Mother Goose Rhymes     View
Ideas for using nursery rhymes to teach prekindergarten language arts skills. Features many photos illustrating activities such as a Mother Goose assembly, art projects, a nursery rhyme play, "silly rhymes," and child-illustrated nursery rh ...

National Center for Early Development & Learning (NCEDL)     View
NCEDL "is a national early childhood research project supported by the US Department of Education's Institute for Educational Sciences (IES)." It "focuses on enhancing the cognitive, social and emotional development of children from bi ...

Prepare My Child for School: Helping Your Preschool Child     View
"This booklet is for families and caregivers who want to help their preschool children to learn and to develop the skills necessary for success in school -- and in life." It includes sections on the education and development of babies, todd ...

Kindergarten Entry Skills     View
Overview of skills "considered necessary for a child when entering kindergarten." Topics include the importance of kindergarten entry factors as rated by kindergarten teachers (includes various social, perceptual, motor, and language develo ...

Ready for Kindergarten?     View
In this article five "kindergarten teachers from around the country ... share their insights on helping your child gain the right mix of kindergarten-readiness skills." Topics discussed include enthusiasm toward learning, oral-language skil ...

Natural Learning: Fingerplays     View
Over 30 poems and other fingerplay exercises.

National Network for Child Care (NNCC)     View
The NNCC aims "to share knowledge about children and child care from the vast resources of the land grant universities with parents, professionals, practitioners, and the general public." The site includes research-based articles (some in S ...

Harvard Family Research Project     View
Provides results of research on topics related to "family-school-community partnerships and strategy consulting and evaluation." Publication topics include out-of-school time, evaluation and accountability, professional development, early c ...

Sesame Workshop     View
Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit educational organization that develops "educational content for television, radio, books, magazines, interactive media and outreach." The site contains games, profiles of "Sesame Street" characters f ...



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