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World Electric Guide     View
A "guide to some important issues when deciding to use your electrical appliances in another country. It includes a table describing electrical systems worldwide, illustrations of electrical plugs you may run across, advice on using your compute ...

Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms     View
Glossary of terminology used in the semiconductor field.

GE Industrial Systems Technical Documents     View
Detailed technical reports on high volage, switches, fiber optics, power relays, and other utility-related subjects. Documents in .pdf format and generally written for engineers.

Building Technologies Program: Solid-State Lighting     View
Background and updates about the work of the "U.S. Department of Energy and its partners ... to accelerate advances in solid-state lighting [SSL]," a technology that "uses semi-conducting materials to convert electricity into light. SS ...

Theater of Electricity     View
Explore the history of the Van de Graaff Generator, which "was originally used as a research tool in early atom-smashing and high energy X-ray experiments." The site also includes information about the generator's construction, with an animation of h ...

Electrical Safety World     View
Learn all about electricity and how to be safe around it at this site designed for children. In addition to the general information, there are instructions for simple experiments, games to play, a home safety audit, and even a printable certificate f ...

Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine     View
This magazine is a well-known resource to those in the electrical construction and maintenance fields.

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)     View
The IDA explains how glare and excessive illumination prevent us from seeing the night sky, with suggestions for improving lighting at home and in communities. Includes articles on how outdoor lighting affects the environment; the reports and studie ...

Dean Kamen - Ginger Invention: Now Called the Segway Human Transporter     View
Information on the invention (an electric scooter) known as "Ginger" and "IT" while it was being developed in secrecy by inventor Dean Kamen. Includes links to the Segway company page and more information on Kamen. An si ...

EV World: the World of Advanced Electric Vehicles     View
This Web site highlights the electronic vehicle (EV) by showing its development and operation. Links to audio interviews featuring EV enthusiasts and industry insiders, news of promising technologies, and test drive reports of electric automobiles su ...



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