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Report: Online Activities & Pursuits: About 25 Million People Have Used the Internet to Sell Something     View
November 2005 report about how "some 17% of online American adults have used the internet to sell things." Includes an overview of the report and a link to the full report with information about use of classified advertising sites and o ...     View
This site's goal is "to provide the single best source of independent, up-to-date information about electronic commerce." Includes daily news, feature articles, product guides, case studies, software reviews, an events calendar, discussion ...     View
Although criticized in Business Week , this is an excellent site for E-commerce research and analysis. Consumers can obtain ratings and reviews of companies which deliver services and/or products over the Internet. All firms in an industry are ranked ...

eStrategy     View
This site is about doing business with the federal government via electronic commerce. Includes links to appropriate programs and organizations that provide information about smart cards, security, electronic funds transfer, etc.     View
News about the Internet as a business, updated daily and archived. Topics include e-ommerce, networking, storage, ISPs, and security.

E-Commerce Times     View
News, articles, and reports on the electronic commerce industry. Information includes an industry guide, government regulations, and advice for small businesses. Articles and special reports contain links to related stories. Searchable.

Virtual Promote     View
This site contains discussion forums on search engines, Internet marketing, and Web site design; a collection of "tools, links, and utilities" for building Web sites; articles; and more. Some features require a paid membership.

FTC: E-commerce Lowers Prices, Increases Choices in Wine Market     View
This July 2003 report found "that e-commerce offers consumers lower prices and more choices in the wine market, and that states could expand e-commerce by permitting direct shipping of wine to consumers." The site provides a summary of find ...

Justice Talking: Challenging the Ban on Online Liquor & Wine     View
Companion to a radio show that debates topics related to regulation of interstate wine shipments and wine shipping from online businesses. Includes audio of the program, biographies of the guests, related laws and amendments, reading suggestions, and ...

Shopping Safely Online     View
This Better Business Bureau Web page includes the sections "Online Fraud Red Flags," "Online Shopping Tips," "Protecting Your Privacy," "Bogus Websites," "Quick Check List," and related links. Also ex ...



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