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U.S. English     View
This site is for an organization dedicated to making English the official language of the US. It includes information on the political arm and services that the foundation offers, such as English as Second Language Classes.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary     View
An excellent hyperlinked dictionary and thesaurus, based on the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The search engine supports wildcards and right-hand truncation. A help page and pronunciation guide are included.

Do You Speak American?     View
Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) program that "examine[s] the dynamic state of American English — a language rich with regional variety, strong global impact and cultural controversy." Includes essays on topics such as ...

Dr. Johnson's House     View
Information about the London, England, house that was "a home and workplace for Samuel Johnson from 1748-1759, and it was here that he compiled the first comprehensive English Dictionary." Provides history, dictionary definition of the mont ...

Esperanto to English Translation Dictionary     View
A searchable index that translates a word in Esperanto to its English equivalent, using the online Richardson vortaro. Also available in the opposite direction (English to Esperanto).

The People's Dictionary     View
A free English-Swedish dictionary that is downloadable and maintained by its users. Dictionary is maintained and edited in part through non-expert user contributions and ratings.

The Newbury House Dictionary Online     View
"This online dictionary contains over 40,000 entries and is based on the best selling Newbury House Dictionary of American English. Providing simple and clear definitions, this online tool provides a wealth of sample sentences, idioms, and a wide arr ...

PoetryRepairShop: Contemporary International Poetry     View
A monthly offering of original poetry in English, "online since 1997." Includes interactive fora for discussion of the authors' works, and examination of the nature of poetry as well as poems themselves.

The Eggcorn Database     View
Use this site to explore hundreds of "eggcorns" -- homophone substitutions with their own peculiar logic, such as "cut to the cheese," "preying mantis," or "squirmish." The site maintainer is a hobbyist who clo ...

The Charles Dickens Museum Virtual Tour     View
A photographic tour of the 48 Doughty Street, London, home occupied by Charles Dickens from 1837 until 1839 and where he published and completed some of his most famous works including "The Pickwick Papers," "Oliver Twist," and ...



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