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National Association for Ethnic Studies     View
"The National Association for Ethnic Studies was founded in 1972. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists concerned with the national and international dimensions of ethnicity. The Association welcomes scholars and teachers ...

Association for Asian American Studies     View
AAAS was formed in 1979 for the purpose of promoting and supporting Asian American Studies through organizing professional conferences and forums, faciliting communication and information exchange among interested students, staff, and faculty, and ad ...

American Studies Association     View
Association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history. Website offers a directory of international journals publishing research on American culture, with full text of featured articles. Also offers a Directory of Graduate ...

Journal of Pan African Studies     View
JPAS is a quarterly journal focusing on scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on ???African world community studies and research???, current and historical, and the issues surrounding these communities. No registration required.

Women's Studies Database     View
This directory "serves those people interested in the women's studies profession and in general women's issues." Contains conference announcements, calls for papers, course syllabi, and employment opportunities, a portrait gallery, a signif ...

Research Quick Start Guides: Ethnic Identity in the United States     View
This guide provides starting points for researching multiculturalism, ethnic groups, multiracial Americans, and other topics related to race and ethnic identity. Include links to separate guides for researching African American studies, Asian America ...

Pacific Northwest Minority, Ethnic, and Special Audience Newspapers Database     View
A database of ethnic and special audience newspapers published Washington state, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska and the provinces of British Columbia and the Yukon. Browse by title, place of publication, and ethnic group or special audience. Entr ...

Ethnic Quilting Network     View
This information repository provides articles and photos pertaining to the history and tradition of art, craft, and textile of all ethnic groups. Network directory and ethnic fabric websites available too.

Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive     View
This site describes the collaborative project of Washington State University (Pullman and Vancouver) and the historical societies of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state. The site provides digital archives on the ethnic groups of the Columbia River Ba ...

African Studies Internet Resources     View
This site presents "an on-going compilation of electronic bibliographic resources and research materials on Africa." Materials are arranged by region and country, by organization, or by topic (such as climate and environment, health, and hu ...



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