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RudeBusters!     View
Here's a safe haven from "rudeness, rage, and stress". Check out these guidelines for good manners.

Basic manners for kids     View
When should kids be taught manners? What are some basic table manners for kids. Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee give you sound advice.

Disability Etiquette Handbook     View
The Disability Etiquette Handbook was prepared "to enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities to pursue their careers and indivisual lifestyles." This is also an excellent resource for employers looking for information about how to handle h ...

Getting Through Customs Article Library     View
Advice on cultural differences for doing business abroad (though much of it can be useful for any traveler). Includes information and advice on drinking customs, dress, gestures, greetings and forms of address, giving gifts and flowers, business card ...

Netiquette Home Page     View
"'Netiquette' is network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication. Netiquette covers both common courtesy online and the informal 'rules of the road' of cyberspace. This page provides links to both summary and detail information about N ...

Chat 101     View
An introduction to Internet chat, including terminology, etiquette, finding a chat room and more.

The Original Tipping Page     View
A guide to appropriate amounts to tip people who provide different kinds of services, including in barbershops and hair salons, casinos, cruise ships, restaurants, and trains.

World Citizens Guide     View
The highlight of this bandwidth-intensive site, buried in small print on the right-hand margin, is a travel guide produced by students, for students, that provides "25 simple suggestions" for having "a better travel experience while sh ... Japan Travel and Living Guide     View
Contains a "living guide for prospective and current foreign residents [of Japan]," resources for travelers, and information on arts and crafts, the economy, entertainment, etiquette, food, history, politics, religion, sports, and transport ...

Etiquette Tips: Business Etiquette     View
This collection of business etiquette resources includes tips for job interviews and making a good first impression, and job seeker and business etiquette quizzes. Topics covered include communication skills, interaction with coworkers, grooming and ...



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