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Archaeological Institute of America     View
The website for this national nonprofit organization features papers and reports on a variety of archaeology topics, a searchable and browsable database of news stories, information about fieldwork opportunities, a directory of local societies of the ...

Stonehenge     View
Background about this World Heritage Site in England. Features a FAQ, visual and narrative history, photos, and information about visiting Stonehenge for the summer solstice. Also includes material about the spring 2008 Stonehenge archaeological dig, ...

Stonehenge: The Healing Stones     View
"Archaeologists are carrying out [in spring 2008] the first dig for almost half a century inside the stone circle of [Stonehenge] the world's most famous Neolithic monument. Their aim is to unearth evidence for a startling new theory -- that Sto ...

Lost Roman Treasure     View
This site is a companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) NOVA program about the excavation of the Roman city of Zeugma in Turkey. A speedy excavation was required due to the construction of a dam and reservoir. The site includes photographs of ...

Horace's Villa Project     View
Devoted to the villa of Augustan Age poet Horace, located in Licenza, Italy (35 miles from Rome). Contains photographs and a model of the villa, a map with information on nearby places, 18th and 19th century artwork and testimonies, images of various ...

In Focus: Special Report: Lucy's Baby     View
September 2006 feature about the discovery in Ethiopia's Afar region of a skeleton of an Australopithecus afarensis child who lived 3.3 million years ago. Features background about the skeleton (found in the same area as area as "Lucy," ano ...

The Giza Plateau Mapping Project (GPMP)     View
The project is dedicated to "research on the geology and topography of the Giza plateau, the construction and function of the Sphinx, the Great Pyramids, the associated tombs and temples, and the Old Kingdom town in the vicinity." Features ...

Was There a Trojan War?     View
This feature article discusses archaeological work performed to determine the validity of the description of the Trojan War in Homer's "Iliad." Includes updates on excavation work performed at the site of Troy (in northwestern Turkey), imag ...

Quipu: Dedicated to Researchers of Andean Archaeology     View
Resource-rich directory that includes annotated links to artifact images, biology, carbon 14 calibration, computer-aided design, conservation, country profiles, forensics, geology, map making, museum archives, radiocarbon dating, news sources, resear ...

The Forgotten City of Pompeii: A First Look     View
A photographic exploration of this Italian city, buried as a result of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Each image is accompanied by a brief explanation.



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