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Find rare films by independent filmmakers on diverse topics such as music (blues, roots, klezmer, gospel, playground songs, and more), outsider art, folk crafts (such as quilting and basketmaking), folk dance, religious experience, storytelling, and ...

Art Historians' Guide to the Movies     View
A guide to famous works of art and architecture found in movies "intended to be a source for teachers of art history who are considering showing clips or entire films." The citations are organized in rough chronological order within categor ...

Inside an American Factory: Films of the Westinghouse Works, 1904     View
A collection of 21 films "showing various views of Westinghouse companies" and their operations. Most of the films feature the Westinghouse Air Brake, Machine, and Electric and Manufacturing Companies, located in Pennsylvania. Searchable by ...

Religious Themes in the Movies & Television     View
Videography of movies and a couple of television programs with religious themes, with an emphasis on Christian themes. Also includes a bibliography on religion in the movies, and a videography of films with Jewish themes. From the Media Resources Cen ...

The Official Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge     View
Collection of short movies from spring 2007 made by fans of the "Star Wars" films. Users may vote for their favorite, and George Lucas picks his favorite in late May. From Lucasfilm and an online "entertainment network for original sho ...

Star Wars     View
Information from the official site about the coming Episode I ( The Phantom Menace ) as well as details on the first three Star Wars movies, including making of the movies, characters, technology, collectibles, trivia, links to other sites, and much ...

American Comedy Archives     View
This archive was established to preserve "primary source material that documents the professional activities of the ground breaking individuals who have written, produced or performed comedy for radio, television, motion pictures or live perform ...

Visualizing Ideology: Labor vs. Capital in the Age of Silent Film     View
"How did silent filmmakers put their politics on the screen without using words?" This online exhibit explores this and related questions through extensive text and accompanying images. Features a discussion of labor-capital films, self-tes ...

British Movietone Portraits     View
This site presents brief newsreel footage of famous people and events as filmed by British Movietone. Categories include entertainment, personalities, lifestyle, and travel. Covers selected events back to 1900 (primarily 1929-1979), including Beatlem ...

Moviefone: The Star Wars Experience     View
Features information about this series of science fiction movies from George Lucas, with a focus on the third episode. Includes video clips, photo galleries, a character guide, information about video games, and more. From America Online (AOL).



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