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Dungeness Crab: Pride of the West Coast Fleet     View
Article about this main commercial crab species south of Alaska. The article describes how "around San Francisco, the season usually begins in November, and cracked crab is as much a tradition at some Bay Area Thanksgiving tables as turkey. ...

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC)     View
"Formed by Congress more than 50 years ago, the ... PSMFC helps resource agencies and the fishing industry sustainably manage our valuable Pacific Ocean resources in a five-state region. ... California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. ...

Dungeness Crab of California and Its Close Relatives     View
Overview of Dungeness crab, the "most abundant crab" species in California, and other species, "the aim being to aid identification by a few readily observed characteristics rather than by detailed scientific descriptions." Descri ...

The Accidental Scientist: Science of Cooking: Eggs     View
Learn about the science behind the egg industry and cooking of eggs. The site features a tour of an organic egg farm, a description the scientific processes at work when you cook with eggs, egg recipes (deviled eggs, Hollandaise sauce, flan, and an e ...

Worldwide Shark Attack Summary     View
"A compilation of all known shark attacks ... from [the] mid-1500's to present." Includes maps and statistics of confirmed unprovoked shark attacks by worldwide location, as well as information about when and where attacks are most likely t ...

Shark School     View
Material for children about sharks, including a FAQ, diagram identifying shark body parts, and facts about "ten shark species found in the waters off of southern California and northern Baja California." Shark species considered include leo ...

What's That Stuff?: Process Cheese     View
Explains the differences between various types of processed cheese products, such as pasteurized process cheese spread and imitation cheese. Discusses specific brands (such as Velveeta and Cheez Whiz), regulations for processed cheese products, the p ...

Making Soft Cheeses     View
"Soft cheeses can be made at home without specialized equipment." This site provides instructions for making cream cheese, pizza cheese, Neufchatel, and other soft cheeses. Includes an equipment list, illustration, and references. From Colo ...

Cheese Counter     View
Collection of articles and tidbits by Steve Jenkins, "author, frequent magazine contributor, and cheese consultant." Topics include bargain cheeses, alternatives to Brie, Paris cheese shops, preparation of cheese plates, storage tips, and s ...

Shark Research Committee     View
This nonprofit scientific research organization documents shark attacks from the Pacific Coast of North America and conducts "original research on the general biology, behavior and ecology of sharks indigenous to waters off the Pacific Coast, wi ...




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