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Helpful Animals and Compassionate Humans in Folklore     View
This lesson plan focuses on helpful animal tales and folk tales with human and animal cooperation. Provides three lessons (for grades 3-5) with suggested readings. Includes a link to a related lesson plan, "Folklore and Ecology: Animals and Huma ...

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts     View
Resource providing links to mythology texts. Arranged alphabetically, users can browse everything from popular fairy tales to Russian ghost stories.

American Folklore Society     View
Founded in 1888 at Harvard University by humanistic and social science scholars, the American Folklore Society advocates the collection and analysis of oral and material traditions using both literary and anthropological methodologies. This newly cr ...

American Folklife Center     View
The center's purpose is "to encompass all aspects of folklore and folklife from this country and around the world." Includes images, sounds (recordings and music), and written accounts. Also provides information about the center's programs, ...

Latvian Folklore and Traditional Culture     View
Find out more about Latvian Folklore groups, activities, traditional instruments and performance styles. Traditional performance groups are divided by location and alphabetically, and some include musical samples.

SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages     View
Seventeen well-known childhood fairy tales are presented with selected words annotated for their symbolic meaning in the art of storytelling. Beautiful illustrations, colorful history, and many variants of the tales as they appear in numerous culture ...

Online Archive of American Folk Medicine     View
A database of approximately 200,000 folk medicine records, illustrating "a variety of beliefs and practices such as home remedies, the activities of traditional healers ... and many therapies that fall under the rubric of complementary and alter ...

Legends     View
Information and related links on Robin Hood, King Arthur, Hamlet and Macbeth, Blackbeard, Sir Francis Drake, the Three Musketeers, Beowulf, Vikings, knights, El Cid, William Morris, and "other swashbuckling characters of balladry, fiction, and f ...

The Fairy Faith     View
This companion site to a documentary film of the same name "explores the magical 'otherworld' of fairies." It features brief information about fairies in various cultures and about the Cottingley fairies, "fairy facts," places whe ...

An Exploration of Modern Monsters     View
An exploration of the symbolism of monsters, beginning with the introductory section about children and fear. Included are technological monsters such as Frankenstein's monster; human ones including vampires, freaks, and zombies; ecological monsters ...




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