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Folklore     View
The e-journal contains "articles about shamanism, urban legends, ethnomusicology, pareomiology, popular calendar data and folk belief ... The journal is intentionally academical. We are doing our best to use all the many-sided possibilities an Intern ...

Folklore Discussion List     View
The archives of the folklore discussion list at Texas A&M University. You can join the list, search the archives, or browse by date.

American Folklore     View
Retellings of tall tales, historical folklore, regional folktales, state folktales, spooky stories, stories featuring famous characters from history, and folktales about the weather. Browsable. By Sandra E. Schlosser, a librarian and freelance author ...

Jeju-Do Folklore and Natural History Museum     View
"Jeju island's nature and culture can be seen through the exhibition : a Jeju Islander's life-span including birth, marriage, the sixtieth birthday, funeral and memorial service ; the formation process of Jeju island ; folklore relics of garments, me ...

NewFolk: New Directions in Folklore     View
NewFolk part of the New Directions in Folklore website. Articles are abstracted and contail fulline texts and deal with the cutting edge areas of the discipline such as post-modernism, popular culture, and reflexivity.

Folklore and Mythology: Electronic Texts     View
An extensive collection of tales from around the world, many edited or translated by D. L. Ashliman, a professor of Germanic Languages and Literature. The alphabetical listing is by author, country of origin, and categories (such as frog kings and pr ...

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy - Folklore and Mythology     View
An explanation of folklore and mythology including a long list of related entries. Many common stories, themes, and characters are mentioned here.

Urban Legends and Folklore     View
This site does not just debunk urban legends, it also confirms an occasional story. Includes links to corroborating Web sites from newspaper articles and authoritative organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Mas ...

Buber's Basque Page: Folklore and Traditions     View
This website describes many of the traditional elements of Basque culture, including folklore, mythology, dance, holidays, religion, games, architecture, and symbols.

Fairies & Ghosts Special Issue     View
This collection of articles focuses on fairies, ghosts, and other mythical creatures. It includes definitions of fairies, literary references to fairies, a discussion of medieval fairies, interpretations of ghosts and haunted houses, and related arti ...



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