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AlloCin??     View
"AlloCin?? is a French language entertainment information Web site for moviegoers."

The Guillotine Headquarters     View
Information about the guillotine, which was named after Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, who proposed "that mechanical decapitation be used to replace older more crude forms of execution." The site features a timeline of this device, best remem ...

New French Presidency     View
Collection of news and analysis about the 2007 election of Nicolas Sarkozy as the president of France. Includes a February 2007 interview with Sarkozy, consideration of the economic impact of the new president, and a discussion of potential reform of ...

Exhibition Universelle de 1889 [Paris]     View
"Since the mid-19th century, Universal Expositions were held in Paris every eleven years. In 1889, the event coincided with the centennial of the French Revolution. The commissioners rejected plans for a 300-meter-tall guillotine, selecting Gust ...

Consuming Passion: Fragonard's Allegories of Love     View
Companion website to a 2008 exhibition about "Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806) [who] is associated with the lighthearted Rococo art of prerevolutionary France. ... This exhibition focuses on the most popular compositions of Fragonard's lat ...

In Black & White: French Films of the 1930s     View
An overview of what is now called the "golden age" of French film. "Brief notes on directors, actors, and films of the period seek to raise interest in some of the best movies ever made."

France in America: La France en Amérique     View
This "English-French digital library ... tells the story of the French presence in America and the interactions between the French and American peoples from the early 16th to the late 19th centuries." Features access to thousands of documen ...

Paris Architecture Explained     View
Overview with examples of the history of notable architecture in Paris. Covers the medieval period, Renaissance, French Baroque and Classicism, Rococo, Neo-Classicism and Empire, Haussmann renovations, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and 20th century developm ...

World News: France     View
Collection of news articles and commentary about politics and current events in France. Covers topics such as the rioting in France that started in October 2005 in the Paris suburbs and spread to other areas of the country. Includes photos and intera ...

Dr. Jean-Max Guieu: Other Interests [The Dreyfus Affair]     View
Information about the "1894 conviction [in France] of a certain Captain Dreyfus, after a shady spying case held in a controversial court-martial" and the following controversy, which included French author Emile Zola's letter in a newspaper ...



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