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Gale Cengage Learning- Reference Reviews     View
Site has links to "Peter's Digital Reference Shelf" (reviews of online products or services), "Doug's Student Reference Room" (best of K-12 online and print reference resources), "Lawrence Looks at Books" (critical commentary on public and academic ...

Black History Month Center     View
"Discover culture, heritage and pride through profiles of some of the most significant people, places and events in African-American history." Includes biographies, a timeline, a quiz, and other activities.

Gale's Literary Index     View
A free index of the Gale Literature Criticism Series searchable by author, title, or by author's nationality or date of birth. Full text of Gale sources are not available online, but searches provide comprehensive listings of volumes containing rel ...

How to Write a Term Paper     View
This is a very good resource for those needing some help writing a term paper. This site goes through the various stages involved in writing an effective term paper, such as: choosing a topic, evaluating thesis and sources, and how to begin and organ ...

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage     View
"Explore the Hispanic American experience through biographies, activities, mportant dates and more." Includes biographies of 50 notable Hispanic Americans, a Hispanic American history timeline, a quiz, and other activities.

Celebrating Women's History     View
"Celebrate the lives and achievements of women who have played a significant role in literature, culture, politics, music, art and more." Includes biographies of more than 80 women, a women's history timeline, a quiz, and other activities.


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