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National Gardening Association     View
The National Gardening Association (NGA) in devoted to "plant-based education." The site contains articles, how-to projects, information on pests, a gardening dictionary, a buyer???s guide, an events calendar, and resources for children and ...

My First Garden     View
"A guide to the world of fun & clever gardening" designed for 4th-grade students. The site shows "the beauty of gardens, and the care involved in planning, nurturing and enjoying the benefits of gardening in a variety of spaces an ...

The Westside Gardener     View
"This site is dedicated to all growers who live west of the Cascade Mountains. While the main focus ... is vegetable gardening, we'll also discuss garden-related 'how to' projects, herbs, fruits and maybe even the odd flower." Includes guid ...

Fairie Gardens     View
This site celebrates the nursery and world-class gardens created in Tumwater, Washington state. "The name 'Fairie Gardens' was chosen to reflect [the owners'] commitment to gay conscience raising." Noncommercial areas of the site feature on ...

Pacific Northwest Garden History     View
This site, prepared by a botanist, discusses the history of gardening in British Columbia, Washington state, and Oregon. It covers gardeners, plants, and historic Northwest gardens. Notable features include "Weigh-Off Winners" (famous super ...

Within These Walls... Victory Garden     View
Article about victory gardens, which were "vegetable gardens planted during the world wars to ensure an adequate food supply for civilians and troops." Features a bibliography, related links, and images. From the Smithsonian National Museum ...

Aquatic Gardeners Association     View
"The Aquatic Gardeners Association is an international organization of aquatic plant enthusiasts, which appeals to both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike." View the table of contents and selected articles from the association's journal, get ...

A Scholar's Garden/ Dans le Jardin d'un Érudit     View
The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, B.C., "is a living museum of Chinese culture, art, history, and traditions." The site includes information about the garden???s history and construction; an explanation of historica ...

Bellevue Botanical Garden     View
This colorful Web site promotes the free botanical gardens in Bellevue, Washington state. The "Web Strolls" section allows online exploration of 36 acres of display gardens, including the Alpine Rock Garden, Paisley Garden, and Yao Japanese ...

Gardener's Guide to Global Warming     View
Collection of materials relating to garden plants and potential global warming impacts. Click on the map to find out "if your official State Trees or State Flowers may be affected," view an interactive USDA hardiness zone map for 1990-2006, ...




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