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World History for Us All     View
This website provides "a powerful, innovative model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools." Features an overview of the integrative approach to world history, lesson plans arranged by "Big Eras," a gloss ...

Ides of March Marked Murder of Julius Caesar     View
This article describes how "Julius Caesar's bloody assassination on March 15, 44 B.C., forever marked March 15, or the Ides of March, as a day of infamy. It has fascinated scholars and writers [including Shakespeare] ever since." A sidebar ...

Newseum: Stories of the Century, 1900-2000     View
In 1999, "some 36,000 people cast ballots in Stories of the Century: The Nation Votes, sponsored by USA WEEKEND and the Newseum, the interactive museum of news." The site shows how stories rated with the public and with journalists, with ti ...

Year by Year     View
This site describes historic events of the 20th and 21st centuries by year and by decade. Brief decade quizzes are included. Includes timelines featuring special topics such as world history, fashion, and Iraq. Searchable.

Kidipede     View
Introductory material designed for children about the history and culture of Europe, Asia, and Africa before 1500. Topics include North America, China, India, west Asia, Greece, Egypt, Africa, Rome, Islam, Germany, and the Middle Ages. Also includes ...

StoryCorps: Do-It-Yourself Guide     View
StoryCorps (a nonprofit that has helped more than 40,000 Americans record oral histories) declared "November 28, 2008 the first annual National Day of listening." The site provides a guide to interviewing a person who is important to you, w ...

Provincial Museum of Alberta     View
"In the galleries and exhibitions of The Provincial Museum of Alberta you can explore the natural and human history of Alberta. Through 40,000 square feet of exhibits you can visit the mountains, prairies, forests and parklands of the Province. Disco ...

Jewish-American Hall of Fame     View
This virtual museum is dedicated to Jews who have contributed to American history and culture. It includes people such as Abraham Zacuto, who produced Columbus's navigational charts; Levi Strauss; Leonard Bernstein; and Barbra Streisand. It also incl ...

Jewish-American History on the Web     View
Historical materials from Jewish-Americans of the 19th century. Features information on Jews in the Wild West, and the Civil War (including a database "of over 7,000 Jewish-Americans who fought during the war"). Also contains transcripts of ...

American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS)     View
The American Jewish Historical Society is the oldest ethnic historical organization in the U.S. The society collects archival, published, and artifactual sources depicting the religious, communal, cultural, and political life of American Jewry, and h ...




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