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Internet Juggling Database (IJDb)     View
An international "resource centre for the online juggling community and anyone interested in juggling and its related circus arts." Includes instructional videos and articles. Lists clubs and events. Membership (free) allows access to a cha ...

National Association of Rocketry (NAR)     View
Produced by the world's largest model rocketry organization, this site contains basic information on sport rockets (including safety codes), a directory of local clubs, a calendar of upcoming launches, and various technical plans and reports.

Railroad Paint Shop: Your Source for Prototype Drawings to Color     View
"This page is designed to be a site where drawings of railroad locomotives, rolling stock, and lineside structures will be available for download for those of you who would like to design custom paint schemes for your own model railroads. ...

WWW Collection of Favorite String Figures     View
Take a piece of string, follow the clear, concise instructions at this site, and you too can enjoy a pastime that has entertained children and adults throughout the world for thousands of years. A large collection of figures, bibliography, list of pe ...

World-Wide Webs: String Figures From Around the World     View
"You'll be amazed at what you can do with a simple loop of string." Offers an introduction to string figures, instructions for constructing a variety of string figures (and tips for untangling the string), and related print and online resou ...

The Bells Applet: Change Ringing on the Web     View
The bells toll for thee. "This applet allows you to design a bell tower with up to eight bells, and ring the bells using change ringing. ... You can edit the pitches of the bells, the sharpness of the hammer striking the bell, and the number of ...

Change Ringing Resources     View
A large directory of sites, primarily British, about this form of bell ringing. Includes sites about handbells, campaniles, products, education, towers, compositions, and publications, some with audio files of peals.

Learning the Tarot     View
An illustrated course on "how to read the tarot cards." Includes article "Choosing a First Tarot Deck," and a list of commercially available decks.

Astarte's TarotWeb     View
This site provides a brief history of the tarot, a FAQ, descriptions of decks, tips on reading and choosing a deck, and more. From a tarot reader.

American Fireworks News     View
"We??ve got what you want to know about the wonderful world of fireworks, both professional and amateur. Whether you want to learn all about fireworks, or just expand your knowledge, or how they are made, where to get the best deal, find out about la ...




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