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Change Ringing Resources     View
A large directory of sites, primarily British, about this form of bell ringing. Includes sites about handbells, campaniles, products, education, towers, compositions, and publications, some with audio files of peals.

Learning the Tarot     View
An illustrated course on "how to read the tarot cards." Includes article "Choosing a First Tarot Deck," and a list of commercially available decks.

Astarte's TarotWeb     View
This site provides a brief history of the tarot, a FAQ, descriptions of decks, tips on reading and choosing a deck, and more. From a tarot reader.

The New Tank Guide     View
Keith gives you guidelines for setting up a freshwater aquarium. He includes a list, description and purpose of parts and equipment, and explains how to set up and cycle your new tank and then introduce new fish.

National Scrapbook Day (NSD)     View
This day in May, promoted by the National Scrapbooking Association, focuses on the hobby of preserving family and other memories in the form of albums containing photos and papers. The site features a listing of NSD events and activities throughout t ...

National Yo-Yo Contest & Museum     View
Website for "the longest running National [yo-yo] Championship in the world. Held annually in Chico, CA on the first Saturday of October," and for the "world's largest public display of yo-yo's and yo-yo memorabilia." Features inf ...

Japanese Kite Collection     View
Information on a variety of Japanese kites, kite festivals in Japan, list of kite links, chronological table of kite history, and plans for Japanese traditional kites. The Bibliography Relating to the History of Kites has substantive excerpts from se ...

Virtual Kite Zoo     View
Follow the links to find pictures, descriptions, construction plans, and the history of a wide variety of kites.

CyberFighter Website: A Tribute to Fighters     View
Photos of fighter kites, combat rules for kite fighting from different countries (Indian, Afghani, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Brazilian fighters), and links (not recently updated) to other kite sites.

Barbie Fiftieth Anniversary: History     View
Collection of video clips and photo features about the history of the Barbie doll, which was first released in 1959. Videos cover the making of a doll, 50 years of Barbie history and highlights, and Barbie's little sister, Skipper. Includes photos of ...




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