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Thanksgiving Holiday Guide     View
Highlights of this collection of features on Thanksgiving cooking include tips for cooking turkeys in a convection oven and carving a turkey, poultry labeling terms, Thanksgiving recipes with "an Asian touch," vegetarian recipes and ideas f ...

Hanukkah Recipes     View
Collection of recipes for foods served for Hanukkah celebrations. Includes recipes for latkes, jam-filled mandelbrot, letcho (Hungarian eggs with tomatoes, peppers, and onions), and other dishes. Also includes links to articles about Hanukkah, such a ...

Red-Dyed Easter Eggs     View
A traditional recipe for red Easter eggs (or "Pascalina Avga"), "hard-boiled eggs, dyed deep red to symbolize the redeeming blood of Christ, [which] are a Greek (or Eastern Orthodox) tradition at Easter." Includes details about a ...

National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF)     View
Includes a history of turkey hunting, specific information on the two species and five subspecies, and a state by state listing of hunting seasons, limits, and events. The tips section has general tips, safety information, and a few recipes. NWTF is ...

A Champagne Primer     View
Discusses the difference between champagne and sparkling wine, interpretation of champagne labels, proper storage, and how to serve and taste champagne. From

Lots of Latkes     View
Collection of recipes for these potato pancakes that are often part of a Hanukkah feast. Includes latke-making tips, recipes for classic potato latkes and variations with ingredients such as sweet potatoes and parsnips. Also includes a link to an art ...,20633,1560978,00.html

All Hallows' Eats     View
Cooking and entertaining ideas for Halloween, including pumpkin recipes, homemade sweets and snacks, and instructions for making caramel-dipped apples, decorating a haunted house, choosing wines for Halloween, and more. From Epicurious.

Epicurious Holidays: Hanukkah, Festival of Lights     View
Collection of recipes and cooking ideas for Hanukkah, including traditional foods such as latkes and sufganiyot (Israeli jelly donuts), vegetarian recipes, seasonal menus, kosher wine suggestions, baking projects such as rugelach and cream cheese Han ...

Tom Volk's Fungi     View
Images and information about fungi. Fungus of the Month dates back to 1997 and includes information, images, and pronunciation. Holiday Fungi lists the role played by some fungi in several holidays. Includes related links. From a biology professor at ...

Yule Log (Buche de Noel) Recipe     View
Background and recipe for "the most famous dessert made with a roulade (sponge cake) [which] is the Buche de Noel ... or Yule Log. ... The story goes that an innovative French pastry chef (in the late 1800s) came up with the idea of replacing th ...



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