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The Horse     View
This exhibit-companion contains a wide range of background information about horses, such as their evolution, the relationship between horses and hunters, domestication, how humans have shaped horses and vice versa, and the protection of racehorses a ...

American Association of Equine Practitioners: Emergency and Disaster Preparedness     View
Emergency and disaster management resources for equine practitioners and horse owners, covering federal agencies, bioterrorism, animal rescue plans, and disaster planning (including hurricanes). Includes background on the American Association of Equi ...

Equine Science Publications     View
This collection of publications addresses equine (horse) science topics such as drought and emergency management, horse theft and the National Animal Identification System, nutrition, reproduction and breeding, horse shoeing techniques, aging horses, ...

Thoroughbred     View
Online version of magazine devoted to thoroughbred horse racing. Includes daily news updates, articles, commentary, stakes results, sire lists, and information on horse health. Also provides special Triple Crown coverage and an archive of articles br ...

Sable Island: A Story of Survival     View
"Sable Island, 300 km south-east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is renowned for its wild horses and shipwrecks. It is also an island with a fascinating geology and natural history that reflect the challenge of surviving wind, waves and isolati ...

Horses Only     View
Provides resources about horses for owners, breeders, and showmen. It also includes information about buying, selling, futurities, and marketing.

The Emergency Euthanasia of Horses     View
"This guide is designed to aid owners, equine facility managers, auction market employees, horse transporters, and law enforcement officers in making the appropriate decisions regarding the emergency euthanasia of horses." Discusses euthan ...

How Do I Know It Is Time? Equine Euthanasia     View
This brochure addresses questions related to making the decision to euthanize a horse. Some of the topics include determining when euthanasia is appropriate, how to tell family members, how to say goodbye to the horse, the grieving process, and decid ...

Fossil Horse Cybermuseum     View
Describes the evolution of the horse. This site explains how fossils were made, defines the major divisions of geological time, and tells how scientists determine which animals are related by comparing characteristics. "What's in a Name? ...

United States Dressage Federation (USDF)     View
This organization promotes the equestrian sport of dressage, in which horse and rider perform a series of movements and figures coordinated with music. The site includes links to rules, a glossary, a bibliography, news, a calendar of dressage events, ...




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