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Wise Buys     View
This site will help you become a smart consumer. Take the Wise Buys quiz to see how savvy you are in the face of tricky advertisments and read about how companies use clever marketing to get teens to buy their products.     View
A "perpetually evolving collection of links to people, software, organizations, and content related to findability" -- "the quality of being locatable or navigable." Dedicated to the specific topic of findability.

The Gadgeteer     View
Judie and Julie show you around the world of electronic gadgets. They offer a wide variety of product reviews, as well as a discussion board. The reviews are searchable.

My Simon     View
My Simon is a website devoted to price comparisons and reviews of all types of goods, from computers and cameras to clothing and jewelry.

Project Information Literacy     View
Website for "a national study about early adults and their information-seeking behaviors, competencies, and the challenges they face when conducting research in the digital age. ... [It] investigates how early adults on different college campuse ...

Novosibirsk Regional Administration     View
This site is advertise as an information portal to news and information of Novosibirsk, Russia. Information such as ongoing projects and government activities are provided. The site is only in Russian.

Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)     View
This association of leading information technology companies advocates "policies that advance industry leadership in technology and innovation; open access to new and emerging markets; promote e-commerce expansion; protect consumer choice; and e ...

The Information Economy     View
Aggregate site devoted to the economics of the internet, Network economics, information goods, intellectual property and related issues.

Gizmodo     View
"Gizmodo is an online review dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics."

Observatory Portal: Monitoring the Development of the Information Society Towards Knowledge Societies     View
This site presents news and documents from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) related to "ethical, legal & societal challenges of the Information Society." Searchable, or browse by categories such ...




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